Our code of business conduct

Our code of business conduct is based on our culture, underpinned by our values and sets our ethical standards.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our people and stakeholder is our number one priority. Social responsibility and environmental sustainability are essential to run our business successfully.


VON ALM is based on its people. Respect and fairness are the fundamental pillars of our code of conduct. We are committed to the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Governments & Communities

VON ALM is compliant with applicable laws and regulations and our business has a positive impact on the communities we are engaged with.

Partner Relationships

At VON ALM our long-term relationships are based on trust. We value the partnerships that we built and will build in the future and we strive to uphold and improve our reputation in the market.

Our Culture

VON ALM’s culture is based on the theory of “inner and outer circles”: the innermost circle is about family and best friends. The second circle encloses relatives and good friends. The next circle is about people you are close with or meet frequently, etc.

Most people care most about their inner circle and less about the outer circles. However, to notice and recognise the needs of people beyond the inner circles can change the mind and makes a difference. To help colleagues at the other end of the floor or to try to improve the life of most disadvantaged people in the world sparks the mind, crafts dedication, creates passion and fun at the same time. It is the origin of inspiration and ambition and it casts ownership for the greater good.

VON ALM facilitates the theory of “inner and outer circles” and encourages people to look beyond their inner circles.

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